Welcome to my ASMR Blog!

Hey guys, welcome to my new ASMR Blog! It’s been a long time coming but its finally here!

I’ve been threatening to begin the website for a while now, however due to work, filming, editing and general procrastination I have been unable to give it the time it needs.  I’m still busy as ever, however I plan on throwing everything at the ASMR Blog and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

The direction of the blog is something which will most definitely change throughout the coming months, but what will stay constant is my commitment to provide regular quality ASMR content.  I’ll be looking to provide a good stream of ASMR-related posts, my latest ASMR videos, competitions and so much more.

Thanks to you guys the Youtube Channel is growing at a healthy rate, we are currently at 66,000 subscribers which is way beyond what I ever imagined.  Also my Twitch Gaming Channel is growing, with many of you joining me on the evenings for some fun packed  ASMR gaming, which is something I looooove to do!

ASMR Gaming Channel

Anyhow, whether you’re a long time subscriber or even if this is the first time you’re hearing of me, I’d like to welcome you to my ASMR blog and hope you stick around and subscribe for the latest updates.

Thanks for your support


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