Billy the Ball Book Reading and Giveaway

I love reading books to children (probably more than the children enjoy listening to them), I give each character their own accent and personality and quite honestly get a little carried away with it sometimes. So when Lizzie got in touch with me back in September, I was intrigued to hear all about her latest project, the Billy the Ball books.

I grew up on a farm in Wiltshire with two sisters. My dad made up bedtime stories to us about a ball he called Billy. He had 3 friends, Timmy the tennis ball, Freddie the football and Roger the rugby ball. My sisters and I have always had fond memories of Billy the ball and about a year ago I decided to write, illustrate and publish a Billy the ball book to surprise my dad.


I couldn’t remember the exact story lines (as I was about 5 at the time!) and because I wanted it to be a surprise I couldn’t ask my dad, so I introduced new characters (my favourite being Poppy the ping pong ball!) and some new stories.


I surprised my dad and the rest of my family in November last year with my first book Billy the ball’s big bounce. The look on my dad’s face was priceless 🙂 – Lizze Brinkworth

After reading the books several times including once in the video below, I found it to be super child friendly, loved the cute illustrations and had great fun going a little silly with the accents! See the Billy The Ball images below:

IMG_2726 IMG_2725 IMG_2724 IMG_2722 IMG_2727 IMG_2728 IMG_2729

Lizzie kindly sent me 3 books, 1 to read and 2 for a giveaway prize, however I’ll be adding the one I read in the video to the giveaway so there’s 3 chances to win.  The books that will be given away are:

  • Billy The Ball’s Big Bounce
  • Billy The Ball and The Lost Pirate
  • Billy The Ball on the Farm

The Giveaway will run until Midnight on Thursday 19th November, 2015.

Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to the UK.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.

To enter, simply follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (check out this blog post for more information on entering Rafflecopter giveaways).  I’ll announce the winner next week on this blog post and my other social media accounts and contact the winners directly through email.

For information on where to buy the books please check the description of the YouTube video below.

Good luck Guys and Gals!

Rafflecopter giveaway

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