ASMR – Hanging my dart board – Unintentional ASMR

The first video of it’s kind on my channel, I utterly adore my Average Jane channel however running a 2nd YouTube channel, blog and all the other social media accounts that go along with it was just too much. After much consideration ‘Your Average Angel’ was born. They’re the exact same format as my Average Jane videos just a little more ASMR’y. In this first video I show you one of my many projects in the house, hanging a dart board.

We’d been given this dart board almost 6 years ago but as there wasn’t a sensible place to hang it in the old house it stayed in the cupboard under the stairs. Now that we have the space in the new house and a snazzy garage, I decided it was about time to put it up and use it. I’m no Phil Taylor……yet!


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